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We know and appreciate that handling your own divorce, without assistance, can be not only emotionally stressful but also lead to bad settlement choices and bad court rulings. We have the expert skills and resources to assist you in the most challenging time of your life. We handle the necessary legal proceedings so you can make good choices for yourself and your family.

Each divorce is unique and different. Depending on the specific facts and circumstances of your case, the divorce process can be quite complex—especially when emotions are running high.  We are here to be your advocate and navigate you through the unpredictable and emotional divorce process.

We appreciate that there is much more to selecting an attorney than references, online reviews, and experience. Most importantly we feel a client needs an attorney who will be a trusted advisor and who will listen and adhere to all needs and goals; and an attorney who will be an outspoken advocate to thoroughly support and guide a client.

The divorce process is guided by Colorado law, and there are key strategic decisions at each step along the way that need to be thoroughly discussed. We would be happy to schedule a consultation to give you a general understanding of the process you can expect and the intricacies that you will not likely know are critical to your case.

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