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With over fifteen years experience, we provide common sense, creative, intelligent solutions to solve problems outside of a courtroom or litigation through mediation. More and more we see that litigation is time consuming, costly emotionally and financially, and does not provide positive outcomes. Susan is fair but also very persistent and focused on providing conflict resolution so you do not have to experience the negatives of litigation.

In a mediation, as a neutral and impartial third party,  Susan will help disputing parties negotiate and arrive at a resolution that’s agreeable. This is done in an informal setting with no formal rules to follow. Mediation allows the disputing parties to determine the outcome of their dispute. It is Susan’s job to help clarify issues, identify interests, and create options for resolution.

Mediation is especially valuable in situations where parties need to move forward in a positive way with their families, or business relationships  when as a continuing relationship between the parties is necessary or desirable. For instance, it could be useful in divorce and child custody disputes, business disputes, and community conflicts. In mediation, people find ways to solve their problems themselves, and this may help them avoid future disputes.

It is important to prepare before mediation and also plan on recognizing that only by compromise by both sides will solutions be reached.

When both parties agree on a solution, the agreement may be put in writing by the parties, the mediator or their lawyer(s). It is important to remember that a lawyer should review and be consulted as to any mediation agreement that is reached. If unable to reach a mutually satisfactory solution in mediation or full resolution, he option of taking the dispute to court is always available.

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